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How Much Does Bali Driver Price Cost?

How much does the hire private driver Bali price cost? Apparently, the cost of the Bali driver will range from $35 to $60 based on some factors such as the type of car and also the duration. In fact, some driver agents will object to some distance maximally 120 kilometers. You can still use their service for more than these 120 kilometers but you will get charged for over distance limit. Sometimes the price of the Bali driver will increase in specific times such as the high or peak season like New Year.

What Differs between the Range of Driver Price

The range of the Bali driver price will give you the estimation of spending money while visiting some places in Bali. However, from the estimation given before, what differs between the ranges of the driver price? Well, for $35, the car might be small and there are not many places to visit. This price might not exist anymore since everything is well improved in Bali and the guarantee of the service would be different too.

Green Bali Adventour offers an affordable price for you who want to hire their services. Each of this price provides the same service of English speaking driver, free petrol and parking, flexible itinerary, bottles of mineral water, and also driver’s meal. The difference between this price relies on the type of car. The standard one costs $45 while the semi-luxury takes $55 for a day. These two options of cars can be filled with 2 to 5 passengers. This is not going to be a big deal when you come to Bali with 4 other persons then you can divide this Bali driver price equally. Want to private car hire with driver Bali? Before getting this information too late and ruin your holiday, it would be better to book the service of Green Bali Adventour right now!

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