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When you planning a destination wedding especially Bali wedding, you must be thinking to hire a professional wedding photographer. In Bali, you can find so many wedding photographer, but you should choose them by your needed and of course by their quality as well. Bali wedding photography is very competitive.

Bali Wedding Photography - Bali Wedding Photography Package | BWP

Wedding Photography package

It is important for you to find a professional Bali wedding photographer. Since so many photographers that you can choose in here you might be confusing to make a choice. Every photographer has their own package, the choice becomes more difficult when you find there is so many Bali wedding photography package that suite to your need. How to solve this problem? Match it with your budget.

There is three mainstreams type of package that Bali wedding photographer have. Basic package with 2 hours photo session. Medium package with 3-5 hours photo session. Full day package it is not mean 24 hours, it will take around 7-9 hours per day.

Wedding Photography Price

As I told you earlier, wedding photography package is very competitive. You can find many photographers with incredibly cheap prices. What did you get the package? I don’t even know. All photographer has a different aspect of their package. You should carefully choose your Bali wedding photography package, so you won’t regret your choices next time.

How much you need to spend for Bali Wedding Photography? I say it again, every photographer has different prices for their package. But if you want to guess the prices, I will tell you the prices in general. For the basic package with 2 hours of photo session coverage, you will be charged around 300 USD, they will give you all the photo on the disc as well.

Package for 3-5 hours photo session + photo album + disc full of your photo. For this package, you need to pay around 500-900 USD.

Full day package for 7-9 hours photo session + photo album + disc full of your photo. For this package, you need to pay around 800-1300 USD.

Here’s our Bali wedding photographer that is recommended for your need:


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